Hos indlægsklinikken har vi fået ny behandler og ny kollega – Nu har vi også en massør i huset – en særlig en af slagsen en fascia therapist

Nicole is a fascia therapist, with certifications in Bowtech, Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Lymphatic drainage, Reflexology, Counseling.

Nicole also has experience in Wellness, Pain Release and management and therapeutic massage with over 20 years of experience, increasing mobility, helping with headaches, insomnia and psychosomatic trauma. 

In a unique combination of lymphatic drainage, cranio sacral techniques, and fascia release massages, you will experience deep relaxation, a deeper, better sleep, as the technique is triggering a reset in the body, prompting the mind to quiet down and the body to leave the fright or flight mode.

The treatment usually works and lasts a few days- improving energy levels, stress, and quality of life. We all need that sense of lightness and joy, that inner silence,with everything that has been happening the past few years. Lbow offers for our clients a free massage every 5 massages, or an affordable subscription for those who want to come weekly and reap all the benefits of a well thought and planned “me time” session. To book and for prices see here:

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New Parent ?

Ask for the baby technique for colics and teething.


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